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Topics: air-transport, air-and-space, federal-government, australia

First posted

Australian consulate in indonesia boosts security after threat to kill wife, son

(ANSA) - Jakarta, August 10 - Indonesian authorities have boosted security following a threat to kill a member of the government's family and three other senior officials over the possibility that the family will be targeted for retaliation, state media reported today. The threats follow a string of violent attacks that rocked the Indonesian capital overnight and morning on Friday, with police officers firing tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and rubber bullets at demonstrators, and police targeting protesters using dogs and live ammunition. Two people were killed and two were wounded on Friday, including a policeman who fell into a drain at the presidential palace. A further 15 people were arrested in clashes on Friday, and 14 were injured on Saturday. The National Emergency Ministry said the security situation has been re-evaluated and there is now increased security at government buildings, embassies and consulates in the region. An investigation into the attacks has begun with the authorities questioning security guards, the ministry added.


A group of anti-corruption activists has been killed after being arrested in Indonesia, a spokesperson for the anti-corruption group said. The spokesman, Anwar Ilham told the AFP news agency on Saturday that three anti-corruption activists from a political group, Peaceful Activists (PAS), were killed in a shooting incident in the eastern province of Sipadan. The three were reportedly attacked by five armed men last Thursday, and the gunmen killed Ilham and the others before fleeing, AFP reported.


Police say 4 more members of a group of anti-corruption activists will be assassinated today

BENGALURU (RNS) -- Four members of a political organization linked to the Muslim Brothers' movement have been killed in a series of clashes with police officers in southern Indonesia, police said Saturday. In a written statement to the state-run ANP news agency on Saturday, chief investigator Jusuf Ahmus said that four people were killed over the weekend when members of a political group called Muslim Brothers took up positions outside the presidential palace while a patrol was patrolling in the area. He said that one of the dead was the executive secretary of the group, Muhammed Muaydib. The statement was posted at 9:07 p.m. on Saturday. "We expect the bodies of the four and other victims (from Friday) to be released shortly before the opening of the New Year. We are trying our best to find the murderers who carried out the opera
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